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Products and services

BMB has a broad portfolio of collaboration options, designed to meet any of our clients-partners needs.

Collaboration options

Agreements can take different formats:

Co-developmentBMB is interested in co-development and co-marketing of plants and strains of genetically modified algae optimized for production of biofuels, and is seeking interested strategic partners to share both the risks and the industrial property created.

BMB customers-partners will license the basis of BMB technology and can get a lower financial risk in their projects.

Product out-licensingIn its innovative desire, Biomass Booster can develop a portfolio of proprietary products in different development paths that can be licensed by our customers.

I+D servicesBMB provides I+D services to specialized third parties in the selection, characterization and genetic optimization of algae and higher plants, with flexible approaches to sharing the industrial property generated.

BMB offers its services in two ways:

FTEThis flexible format allows hiring BMB staff, allowing partners to have extra staff to cope with peak work in their I+D department, or hiring scientific staff only when necessary.

Research under contractOur team of experts will analyze your needs and design a research project to measure, with the advantage of having a closed budget from the start.

For more information, contact our sales department to inquire about available products and their level of development.


Biomass Booster assets and product values

Great global markets potential
Validated in vitro technology

Compatible with the rest of technological solutions in development

Patented technology
Increased productivity> 23%
Model-based I+D+I
Highly skilled researchers
Highly flexible and scalable management model
Wide rage of aplications and great potencial
Muro de la Mata, 5 3º
26001 LOGROÑO (La Rioja) Spain
Contact: +34 627537665
Email: contacto@biomassbooster.es