Biomass booster

Enhancement of yield efficiency in botanical species.

Biomass Booster (BMB) is a functional genomics company, dedicated to optimizing productivity in biomass generation, through the creation of genetically optimized high-yield species

BMB aims to be the partner of choice for the production of high-yield strains of energy crops, both microalgae and higher plants, based on a versatile and powerful technological platform, relatively short development periods, the co-participation of the generated industrial property and a system of flexible trade agreements.

BMB has developed its own technological platform, based on the patented adrenomedullin gene, which allows increasing the average productivity of the biomass produced between 23% and 60% in the species tested of high plants and up to 200% in microalgae. BMB is currently developing new research lines using molecular biology techniques that make it possible to discover the enormous importance of the microbiota associated with any living being.

BMB intends to exploit business opportunities arising from political-regulatory and market environments, as well as those opportunities arising from the application of active environmental protection policies, within the framework of corporate social responsibility strategies. To this end, BMB will take advantage of the capacity of its patented technological platform to competitively produce biomass-producing superspecies.


BMB technology solves the problem of low productivity of land plants and the high production cost of growing algae.