Biomass Booster Growth Technology

Biomass Booster (BMB) has developed its own technological platform, based on the patented adrenomedullin gene, which allows increasing the average productivity of the biomass produced between 23% and 60% in the species tested of high plants and up to 200% in microalgae. These and other results related to the BMB technology were published in a research article

Growth factors are extracellular signals that regulate cell proliferation and total body mass in all living organisms. Growth factors from some animals can function in plant tissues and vice versa. BMB has found that the peptide adrenomedullin (AM), a mammalian growth factor, induces growth in tobacco plants, both in vitro and in vivo.

The subspecies transformed with AM showed survival improvements and a significant increase in stem diameter, plant height, leaf length, weight of all its organs (roots, stems, leaves and flowers), drought resistance and a reduction in flowering time compared to plants transformed with the control vector. The differences were maintained even when all the organs were dried. At the end of the plant's life cycle, the biochemical composition of the leaves was studied, and the levels of sugar and soluble proteins were identical between genotypes.

In summary, AM increases the survival of vascular plants and their biomass, without an apparent decrease in morphology and biochemical properties, having also observed a high increase in the growth rate of different microalgae. This is why BMB technology is useful and of great interest for improving crop productivity.

Biomass Booster Growth Technology

By applying the solution developed by BMB, productivity in biomass production is increased between 23% and 60% in the species tested.

BMB's technology is compatible with any of the technological solutions currently developed, or that may be developed in the future, since it is potentially applicable to any species of algae or other plant species.

Rapid validation of the technology. In a period of months, it can be validated if the BMB solution would be potentially applicable to a certain crop and establish a first approximation of the expected increase in productivity. In addition, the milestone system reduces the financial risk incurred in the development of the project.

Companies will be able to benefit from lower production costs and a sure increase in the profitability of their crops.