Rizobioma Project

Biomass Booster carried out the coordination tasks of the Rizobioma project research team. This project focused on developing new lines using molecular biology techniques that make it possible to discover the enormous importance of the microbiota associated with any living being. The Rizobioma project is funded by the EAFRD of the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Spain and the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and the Environment of the Government of La Rioja. It also has the participation of the following companies and entities: BIOMASS BOOSTER, CIBIR, AIMCRA, ARAG-ASAJA, SAR and CLEAN BIOTEC.

Microbiome-based biofertilizers are configured as one of the most interesting solutions to increase productivity and resistance to pests and diseases, being at the forefront of the new sustainable agriculture that is already applied in the most advanced countries in biotechnology. The Rizobioma project investigated the development and application of a custom probiotic fertilizer, based on native and crop-specific bacteria, which stimulated plant growth, resistance to pests and increased productivity.